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9th September

After 2 hours of sleep I get the wake-up call and begin the process of getting ready for departure to the airport. As a morning person, normally when I wake my mind alert and ready to start the day. Not this time. My brain is sluggish and my body does not want to work.

We get to the airport and Austrian Air give us breakfast- well done! By now I’m starting to wake up and I’m feeling good about life again.

We check in and the problems begin. Our plane has been changed and the seating configuration is different, so I’ve lost my seat in the emergency exit. I ask if my seat can be changed but apparently no. I try to explain, but the guy is using his 1 mouth and 2 ears in inverse proportion. He tells me that he every day he hears my story 4 or 5 times which I take to mean that he doesn’t believe me, or if you like, he thinks I am lying.


He gives me a business card and tells me to complain when I get home, then he turns his back on me and walks away. I thank him for the card and promise that I will put it to good use.

Our new flight is a daylight flight and I have a window seat. I find the views fascinating- really eye opening.

The plane is less than one third full so there is plenty of room for everybody.

We arrive in Bangkok and of course I have missed my connection. There are people meeting our plane taking care passengers going on to various destinations in Aus, but nobody taking care of the lone Kiwi. I eventually find an Austrian Air counter manned by Thai girls. Their English is crap, and their instructions minimal. I get the distinct impression that they don’t care. They tell me that I am rebooked on the same flight as my original one but 24 hours later. I ask them if there are any other earlier “Star Alliance” flights. The answer I get is evasive- I suspect that I am booked on the earliest available Thai Airways flight and that there are earlier flights on other Star Alliance airlines that I could have been booked on. Further research required.

Somehow I manage to figure out that I am to stay in a hotel tonight at Austrian Air expense. I have to go through immigration and then make my way to Gate 4. It takes me forever to find Immigration- I think that they should rename their “Information” kiosks “Dis-information”. When I get to Immigration there are about 30 queues each with about 50 people and it’s bedlam. And wouldn’t you know it- there are no Declaration forms anywhere. Every uniformed person I ask just shrugs their shoulders.


Eventually I see a tour guide with a handful of declaration forms for his tour group. He has a couple of spare ones and gives me one. Thank God for that. Then of course I get into the wrong queue, an immigration officer under training. I finally get through and the bus to our hotel is still waiting for me- I am the last one to make it through.

The hotel is fabulous- the service is wonderful- such a contrast from the Thai people at the airport. I’m showered, fed, watered and ready for bed.

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Oh dear. You really are very good at travelling the hard way.
I suggest next time you go with a tour group and take your escort of the day with you. That way you will have the best of both worlds. It should not be as hard as this. We hope ypu are able to enjoy what is left.


by Jenny Tyrrell

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